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Lock Picks – the Fidget Toy for the Brilliant Mind

Fidget spinners just not challenging enough for you?  Maybe you need a fidget toy that challenges your brilliant mind.

Fad has finally caught up with what lock pickers already knew.  Brilliant minds work best lock-picks-fidget-spinner-toywhen occupied.  Before fidget spinners, magnetic balls, and squeeze toys were popular, lots of us kept a practice lock and set of lock picks nearby to help keep our brains limber.   When trying to work out a complicated solution to a problem or overcoming a mental block, distracting your mind while keeping it engaged and entertained can get you over many mental hurdles.  Sometimes a brain needs something different to do and lock picks make excellent fidget toys for brilliant minds.

I keep a small set of lock picks and a few practice locks in my desk drawer.  I’ve had these in my desk long before fidget toys were cool.  There have been many times when I’ve been staring at my computer screen but not making much progress on the project of the day.  A few minutes picking a lock was the energizer I needed to get my bored brain moving again.  Giving your brain a different kind of challenge can refresh you, get your mind out of a rut, and get you back to solving problems that had previously been stumbling blocks.

Picking locks is a puzzle solved with mental and physical dexterity.  No matter how long you’ve been picking locks, there is always a “WOW” when the lock finally opens.  The mental and physical challenge combined with that exhilarating feeling of success gets you ready to tackle challenges again.

Need to refresh a stuck but otherwise brilliant mind?  Lock picks are the ultimate fidget toy for the brilliant mind.

Black Friday Special – 7-Pin Practice Lock and 14 Piece Lock Pick Set

For Christmas 2016, we are offering our two most popular products together at a huge discount.  

We’re combining our
7 pin Ultimate Adversary Practice Lock
and our
14 Piece Lock Pick Set

black friday special

We’re offering the combination on Black Friday for $60.00.  If you miss this Black Friday offer, we’re having a second chance to get this at this low price again on Cyber Monday.  So that’s two opportunities to get this combination – Black Friday, and Cyber Monday only.

We’ll continue to offer this combination at a discount until Christmas but the $60 price is only good on these two days.   The “regular” discounted price will be the same as our 6 pin practice lock and will available until Christmas.  Click Here to take advantage of this special offer.

Bosnian Bill Recommends Us Again

If you’re not familiar with Bosnian Bill, you need to take look at his YouTube channel to see why he has a quarter million followers.  Anything you ever wanted to know about locks and lock picking can be found there.

You may remember that we were pretty excited a few months ago when Bosnian Bill did a video review of our 7 pin challenge lock. We thought the review was excellent and Bosnian Bill’s kind of a big deal around here.

Now, we have more exciting news (at least to us).  We received an order from a customer yesterday and the order included a note that Bosnian Bill had recommended our lock.  We thought that was great – this guy must have seen that video on YouTube   But then, I stumbled upon Bill’s new website:  Lock Lab.  A couple of months ago, I had heard some top secret information that he was working on something new but I hadn’t seen the finished product.  His new site is pretty impressive.

So what’s so exciting about that?   It’s exciting to us because he’s recommending our 6 pin lock to those who want to work their way through his Lock Lab University lock picking course.  Of all the different locks out there, we’re excited that he picked ours!

Announcement: Now Carrying SouthOrd Tools

LearnLockPicking.com is now carrying SouthOrd lockpicking tools and equipment. We have added several new items to our catalog and will continue to add more items over the next several weeks.

You can see all of our products at LearnLockPicking.com

Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $50.

What boy doesn’t like covert operations, spy gadgets, and clandestine skills?  What about learning the carefully guarded secret of lock picking with his own lock pick set?

At LearnLockPicking.com, we have several unusual Christmas gifts under $50 that will be a big hit on Christmas morning.  First, let me explain that lock picking is a puzzle.  It takes practice but the basic skills can be mastered in under an hour.   Once the skills of lock picking are understood, the challenges never stop.  We offer lock picks and practice locks to help develop those exciting skills.  Let’s look at a few options.

Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $2516 Piece Deluxe Lock Pick Set by HPC – This lock pick set is excellent for beginners and includes all of the tools needed for picking the most common types of locks. Most home locks, file cabinets, and padlocks can be picked with this set.  HPC has been making tools for the professional locksmith since 1959 and their quality is hard to beat. Spring steel picks with stainless handles in a leather zipper case.


Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $2520 Piece SouthOrd Lock Pick Set – A step up from the set above but still a very unusual Christmas gift under $50.  This set will also open the majority of locks found in and around the home or office.  This set includes a few additional lock picks and a larger assortment of tension wrenches, the tool used to rotate the lock while it is being picked.  Another great set for the beginning picker. Stainless steel picks with stainless steel handles in a leather zipper case.


Lock Pick Christmas GiftsLock Picks Christmas GiftFolding Lock Pick Sets – Real Spies Hide Their Lock Picks.  We Offer a truly compact set of 4 picks and a slightly more substantial set with 5 picks and a broken key extractor.  Both sets include the basics for opening common locks.  Definitely an unusual Christmas gift under $25.

Lock Picking Practice Lock Christmas GiftPractice Locks – What’s the best lock to use to learn to pick locks? Old padlocks, especially the inexpensive Master Lock brand padlocks are a good place to start.  Cheap lock cylinders can be found at the local Restore store or building materials recycling centers.  We’re partial to our own line of practice locks.  These locks are designed to easily re-keyed to thousands of different challenges from beginner to expert and because they can be constantly re-keyed, the challenges grow as your skills grow.


BosnianBill – Famous YouTuber Gives Us a Mention

BosnianBill, possibly the most prolific lock picking YouTuber mentioned us and showed our Challenge Lock in one of his videos.  It’s video #185 to be exact – I told you he was prolific.

I’m a little embarrassed that I hadn’t found this before since it’s a couple of years old.  A customer (thanks Jed for the heads up) let us know we were given a mention. Everybody who knows lock picking knows BosnianBill and it’s kind of exciting when somebody mentions your product.  I just wanted to share.

The video can be found below.  You’ll see us around the 14:50 mark.  Thanks Bill!  This video,  other customer videos, and our own product demonstration videos can be found on our own YouTube channel here.