Shipping Restrictions

Orders that include lock picks, lock bypass tools, or tools for impressioning keys are restricted to delivery within the United States. We do not ship these items outside of the United States.

Most orders placed on our site ship by United States Post Office (USPS).  The USPS does not allow shipping of lock picks, lock bypass tools, or tools for impressioning keys.   These items must be shipped via a private carrier.  We use United Parcel Service to ship these items.

The cost of shipping outside the US is prohibitively  expensive using a private carrier such as UPS. Customs regulations for each country are also much more difficult to navigate with a private carrier.  We are therefore, not shipping these types of products outside the US.


USPS Regulation C024  –  10.0 Motor Vehicle Master Keys and Locksmithing Devices
10.1 Motor Vehicle Master Key—Definition
A motor vehicle master key is any key (other than the key furnished by the manufacturer with the motor vehicle, or the key furnished with a replacement lock, or an exact duplicate of such keys) designed to operate two or more motor vehicle ignition, door, or trunk locks of different combinations, including any pattern, impression, or mold from which such a master key can be made (18 USC 1716A; 39 USC 3002).
10.2 Nonmailable
Any motor vehicle master key, as defined in 10.1, and any advertisement for the sale of such item, are nonmailable, unless sent to any of the following:
a. Lock manufacturer.
b. Professional locksmith.
c. Motor vehicle manufacturer or dealer.
d. Federal, state, or local government agency.
10.3 Marking
Any marking identifying the contents is not permitted on the outside wrapper or container of any parcel containing motor vehicle master keys.
10.4 Locksmithing Device—DefinitionA locksmithing device is:
a. A device or tool (other than a key) designed to manipulate the tumblers in a lock into the unlocked position through the keyway of such lock.
b. A device or tool (other than a key or a device or tool under 10.4a) designed for bypassing a lock or similar security device, or for opening it by a method normally not used by consumers to open such locks or security devices.
c. A device or tool designed for making an impression of a key or similar security device to duplicate such key or device.
10.5 Nonmailable
Any locksmithing device, as defined in 10.4, is nonmailable, unless sent to any of the following:
a. Lock manufacturer or distributor.
b. Bona fide locksmith.
c. Bona fide repossessor.
d. Motor vehicle manufacturer or dealer.
e. Bona fide automotive repair shops or businesses.