Where Can I Learn More?

Lock picking is an exciting hobby for many people around the world.  Many see locks as a mechanical and mental puzzle.  It takes knowledge and skill to become proficient at picking locks and there are organizations that are dedicated to the promotion, education, and competition of lock picking.  These organizations have local, national, and international chapters where individuals interested in “lock sport” come together to teach, learn, experiment, and have fun.

Some may feel that exposing the techniques of lock picking makes the world a less secure place.  The truth is that these organizations are often the first to discover and develop vulnerabilities in security, which are shared with lock manufacturers to help them improve their products.  Many recent advances in lock design have come as a result of the lock sport community.   One mantra of these groups is that “security through obscurity” is false security.   If you are only able to main security by keeping a security flaw a secret, you don’t have real security.

Lock picking organizations also host local, national, and international lock picking competitions where lock pickers can test their skill against others.  International championships feature the best of the best lock pickers from around the world.

To learn more, please visit The Open Organization Of Lock Pickers (TOOOL)