The Ultimate Lock Picking Practice Lock

In 2007, invented the 7 pin lock picking practice lockeazy-to-rekey lock picking practice lock.  This is the  practice lock that evolves as your lock picking skills evolve. The Ultimate Practice Locks are the easiest to re-key practice locks.  Each of our  lock picking practice locks can be easily changed from easy-to-pick novice lock to high security challenge and everything in between.

Available in three versions:

All three versions of our lock picking practice lock are the easiest and fastest way to master the skill of lock picking.

The Lock Picking Practice Lock that Grows as Your Skills Grow.

Pin stack retainer screws make it easy re-key this lock cylinder to thousands of different key combinations. An assortment of extra bottom pins, top pins, master pins, and springs is included. Some models include spool pins and serrated pins. Because this lock picking practice lock can be rekeyed so easily, it will work for the absolute beginner and still remain a challenge after you have mastered the skill.

About Cut Away Locks

Cut away locks are great if you’re having trouble understanding what happens inside a lock. Once you understand what all the parts of a lock do, it’s time to move up to the Ultimate Practice Lock. Unlike cutaway cylinders, this practice cylinder can be picked in both directions and pins don’t fall out of the plug. You can develop the skills that work in the real world by picking locks using your sense of touch instead of by sight.

For The Novice Picker

For those who are new to the hobby practice lock novice pin arrangementof lock picking, this practice lock cylinder can be pinned with only one or two pin stacks leaving the remaining pin stacks empty so the beginner can learn the feel of a pin stack reaching the shear line.

If you have never picked a lock before, we have one of the best guides on How to Pick Locks on the internet. We also carry a practice lock and lock pick combo that we call the Ultimate Challenge Combo Kit that includes everything the beginner needs to get started in this unique hobby.

For The Advanced Lock Picker

As your skills increase, you can add pin stacks up to a total of five, six, or seven; depending on which lock you purchase.  An assortment of pins is included with each to allow you to create practice lock difficult to pick pin arrangementdifferent challenges such as a difficult to reach around first pin or a difficult to pick hi-lo-hi-lo-hi-lo pin arrangement. The pin assortment also includes master pins to let you create multiple shear lines like those found in many commercial and institutional locks. This flexibility makes this lock picking practice lock the perfect training tool for lock sport competitions or picking hobbyists.

Option 1: The 5-Pin Ultimate Practice Lock

Pin stack retainer screws make it easy re-key this lock cylinder to thousands of different key combinations. An assortment of extra bottom pins, top pins, master pins, and springs is included. This is the easiest way to learn lock picking.

Option 2: The 6 Pin Ultimate Challenge Lock with Spool Security Pins


Spool Pins

If you’ve mastered The 5 Pin Ultimate Practice Lock, you can move up to it’s big brother – the 6 Pin Ultimate Challenge Lock.  The 6 pin version of our lock picking practice lock also includes an assortment of spool pins so you can learn to overcome pick resistant cylinders. Special security pins are becoming more common every year. A decade ago, security pins were rare. Today, even some of the cheapest hardware store brands include security pins to make them pick resistant. Most locksmiths never develop the skills to consistently open these locks. With practice, you can learn to consistently open even pick resistant locks

Learn to recognize the feeling of a “false set” when a spool pin binds the cylinder and how to reduce tension and rotate the lock back toward the locked position to release the trapped spool pin.

Option 3: The 7-Pin Ultimate Adversary Lock with Two Types of Security Pins

Serrated Pins

Serrated Pins

You can also choose the great grand daddy of all practice locks, our all new 7 Pin Ultimate Adversary lock.  This version  of our easy to re-key practice lock is made with 7 pin stacks and includes two different styles of security pins:  spool pins and serrated pins.   What do you call a lock that offers the ultimate in lock picking difficulty?  The Adversary!   Like all of our lock picking practice locks, it can also be keyed to only 1 or two pin sacks without the security pins for the novice. This lock offers the greatest range of difficulty of any lock we offer.

The Assortment of Pins

  • The 5 pin Ultimate Practice Lock comes pinned with 5 loaded pin stacks. That’s 5 bottom pins of different lengths, 5 top pins, and 5 springs – all retained by the easy to re-key retaining screws.
  • The 6 pin Ultimate Challenge Lock comes pinned with 6 pin cylinders. That’s 6 bottom pins of different lengths, 6 top pins, and 6 springs.
  • The 7 pin Ultimate Adversary Lock comes pinned with 7 pin cylinders.  That’s 7 bottom pins of different lengths, 7 top pins, and 7 springs.
  • Also included with all models are approximately 100 additional top and bottom pins of varying lengths. This is enough pins for nearly 50,000 possible combinations.
  • Additional springs are included in two different lengths. Short springs are to be used with tall pin stacks and long springs are to be used with short pin stacks.
  • An assortment of master pins are also included to allow multiple master pins in each stack so you can learn to pick institutional key systems. This brings the possible combinations to just over half a million.
  • If you choose the 6 Pin Ultimate Challenge Lock, we include at least enough spool pins to allow a spool pin to be added to each pin stack for the Ultimate Challenge. With the addition of spool pins, the possible combinations are well over 1 million.  The 7 Pin Ultimate Adversary lock includes both spool pins and serrated pins.

Instructions for re-pining the cylinder and training tips are included.

The Easiest to Re-Keying Practice Lock

All of our easy to re-key practice locks eliminate the usual disassemble, plug followers, tweezers, or difficult access to pins and springs that other lock cylinders require. This lock cylinder has been modified so that each pin stack can be accessed from the top by removing a retaining screw. A hex wrench for removing these screws is included. Changing a pin stack is as easy as removing the screw and dumping the existing pin stack into your hand. A new pin stack is dropped in pin by pin. Bottom pin first, master pins if desired, a top pin or spool pin, and the spring. Finally the retainer screw is replaced. Extra retainer screws are included.

the easy to rekey practice lock the easy to re-key practice lock

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