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Tubular Lock Pick: 7-Pin Center


Professional Quality 7 pin center style tubular lock pick works on the most common style of tubular lock in use.  Precision locksmith’s tool made for the professional locksmith.

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Tubular locks often found where higher security is needed such as high security bicycle locks, vending machines, and fire safes.   Tubular lock picks come in several different configurations to work on different types of tubular locks.  The most common tubular lock in use is the 7 pin centered arrangement.  Other common configurations are the 7 pin left offset, 7 pin right offset, and 8 pin centered.

An adjustable collar allows this tubular lock pick to work on locks with different spring pressures.  Once a lock is picked, the adjustable collar can be tightened to lock the needles in place.  Once the tubular lock pick needles are locked in place, the lock pick becomes a working key which can even be used in a key duplication machine to make a key for the lock.  An included key decoder tool allows you to determine the “key code” for any tubular lock that you have picked.  A locksmith can cut a working key from this code without needing an original key.

These are not the cheap Chinese lock picks you see on other websites.  These professional quality picks are the tools used by professional locksmiths.  Aluminum handles, stainless steel barrel, spring steel feelers, and genuine leather case.

This tubular lock pick opens the 7 pin center style tubular lock – the most common of the tubular locks.

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