Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $50.

What boy doesn’t like covert operations, spy gadgets, and clandestine skills?  What about learning the carefully guarded secret of lock picking with his own lock pick set?

At LearnLockPicking.com, we have several unusual Christmas gifts under $50 that will be a big hit on Christmas morning.  First, let me explain that lock picking is a puzzle.  It takes practice but the basic skills can be mastered in under an hour.   Once the skills of lock picking are understood, the challenges never stop.  We offer lock picks and practice locks to help develop those exciting skills.  Let’s look at a few options.

Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $2516 Piece Deluxe Lock Pick Set by HPC – This lock pick set is excellent for beginners and includes all of the tools needed for picking the most common types of locks. Most home locks, file cabinets, and padlocks can be picked with this set.  HPC has been making tools for the professional locksmith since 1959 and their quality is hard to beat. Spring steel picks with stainless handles in a leather zipper case.


Unusual Christmas Gifts Under $2520 Piece SouthOrd Lock Pick Set – A step up from the set above but still a very unusual Christmas gift under $50.  This set will also open the majority of locks found in and around the home or office.  This set includes a few additional lock picks and a larger assortment of tension wrenches, the tool used to rotate the lock while it is being picked.  Another great set for the beginning picker. Stainless steel picks with stainless steel handles in a leather zipper case.


Lock Pick Christmas GiftsLock Picks Christmas GiftFolding Lock Pick Sets – Real Spies Hide Their Lock Picks.  We Offer a truly compact set of 4 picks and a slightly more substantial set with 5 picks and a broken key extractor.  Both sets include the basics for opening common locks.  Definitely an unusual Christmas gift under $25.

Lock Picking Practice Lock Christmas GiftPractice Locks – What’s the best lock to use to learn to pick locks? Old padlocks, especially the inexpensive Master Lock brand padlocks are a good place to start.  Cheap lock cylinders can be found at the local Restore store or building materials recycling centers.  We’re partial to our own line of practice locks.  These locks are designed to easily re-keyed to thousands of different challenges from beginner to expert and because they can be constantly re-keyed, the challenges grow as your skills grow.


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